Hi, I am Mano.
My documents insist I should go by ‘Manogna Mano’.
manogna@gmail.com is the best way to get in touch with me.

I am an Intrapreneur, a Data Professional and a Product Designer.
A friend suggested I shorten it all to ‘Full Stack Analytics Leader’, so I will.
I am a Full Stack Analytics Leader.

I helped Prizm Payments grow 10x to 250m$ and get acquired by Hitachi.
I helped Hitachi Payments grow 4x after acquisition.
I value impact and thrive with autonomy.

I invented a human-centered financial framework.
It helps families by tinkering with their lifestyle, instead of overwhelming them with jargon.
I call it icedtea. I am working on the app layer…
I’ll make icedtea a public product someday.

I take my hobbies seriously.
I nurture them over years, and often chose those that can improve other aspects of my life.
I am a Hobbyist.

I grew up in India, Oman and UK.
I’ve taken months off work to travel in Europe and South America.

Career: 14 years

I thrive on autonomy.
I value impact over status.
I nurture long, meaningful relationships with the companies I work with.


I am deliberate at decision making and methodical at planning.
I can usually explain the impact of changing my projects’ priorities in real time.

I am excellent at communicating with business leaders, operators and everyone in between.
I tailor my content and mode for the audience.

Full Stack Data Professional:

I am skilled at quickly finding simple, practical solutions to business problems.
I layer sophistication on top.

I believe that the stakeholder’s comprehension is crucial to a sustainable solution.
I do not hide behind data or jargon.

I am a generalist. I have:

  • led teams of Data Professionals in many departments simultaneously
  • set up a data warehouse
  • authored predictive algorithms
  • developed and owned data products
  • created Business Intelligence dashboards for company-wide consumption
  • performed ad hoc analyses in real-time decision-making scenarios

Product Designer:

I am attracted to fundamental, human-centered problems.
I like to approach the solution from first principles.

I am eager to acquire entirely new skills in pursuit of an appropriate solution.
I am adept at extending and adapting techniques beyond their original scope.

Work Experience

icedtea.app: 2017-today

I invented a human-centered financial framework. The product wiki explains the concept better:

icedtea is a finance app for humans.

icedtea is a framework that helps families live the fullest lives that their financial resources allow.

It does this by tinkering with their lifestyle instead of overwhelming them with jargon.


My family has been using icedtea since 2016. As of now, the project consists of these parts:

  • data: API, downloaded data, SQL Server
  • models: Python
  • interface: Django, Flask
  • data visualization: Qlikview

I am working on an integrated app.

My career goal is to make icedtea a public product.

Related Projects

I began viewing my career as an evolving portfolio of projects, instead of a sequence of monolithic jobs.

So, with icedtea as a target, while maintaining my involvement at Hitachi Payments, I worked on multiple related projects, acquiring and honing relevant expertise along the way.

The projects crystallized along these themes:

Custom Keyboards

  • I invented and adopted an easily transition-able, ergonomic alternate to the standard QWERTY layout. I quantified the benefit, and described the steps to transition in descending order of effectiveness.
  • I designed and adopted a 36 button layout that retained the full functionality of the standard 108 button keyboard, thus enabling touch-typing anything while reducing finger travel and fatigue.
  • I developed working familiarity with 3D printing, soldering, laser-cutting and PCB design before deciding on the custom model I currently use.

Productivity (frameworks, apps)

  • I engaged with developers and user communities, authored open-source plugins and feature requests.
  • I developed proficiency with productivity tools like Obsidian, Notion, Github, Asana, Quire, Todoist…

Hitachi Payments: 2011-today

Vice President

10x: The growth I helped the founding team at Prizm Payments achieve before it was acquired by Hitachi for about 250 million $. As the Analytics Leader and member of the core team, I played a key role in this growth.

4x: The growth I helped the company achieve under Hitachi’s aegis, by instituting programs and building data-products across verticals that continue to have an extensive impact on profitability and efficiency.

Data Products, Head

I created the product stack that provides insight and actionables to business leaders across the firm. It’s functionality spans assimilating primary data to managing remedial workflow at individual profit centers. I created the data warehouse and the business intelligence layer that provides the ‘Single Source of Truth’ for leaders and operators.

Some Highlights:

  • Cash Logistics
    I authored a demand-forecasting algorithm that single-handedly decreased ATM costs by 5%. I authored and owned the product used to manage 15% of India’s ATMs.
  • Business Finance
    I authored the annual budget individually for 50,000 profit centers broken by week based on seasonal demand, life cycle behavior, gross national trends, and political assumptions. It allowed business leaders to identify problems as they arose.


I was in the management team that conducted monthly performance reviews of the entire company. When suitable problems were identified in any department, I set up processes, built up teams and managed the projects until they attained operational stability.

Some highlights:

  • Service Delivery
    When the business grew large enough to render escalation based prioritization methods ineffective, I engineered a process and managed a team that triaged outages by opportunity cost and customer demand. It increased profitability using existing manpower, and allowed delivery leaders to focus on de-escalating major issues.
  • Company Culture
    When inter departmental coordination was recognized as a problem, I established a team of Territory Managers to own remedial actions. I created a weekly meeting format in which a managers took a ‘data & story’ approach to present how they solved problems. It fostered a culture of peer learning, nurtured relationships, and delivered quick results. Many managers later moved into other important roles in the company.


  • I recruited 6 people from my personal extended network at the Assistant Vice President level or higher.
  • I conducted discussions on the financial projections of the company with prospective partners and investors.
  • I participated in reverse auctions, and structured data-led contracts with customers and vendors.

Exotic Derivatives Trading: 2007-2011


At Lehman Brothers and Nomura, I managed trading books worth an excess of 1 billion USD, analyzed complex trades and wrote their handbooks.

  • I was designated as Key Employee when Nomura purchased Lehman.
  • I built an automated pricing tool that made a profit of 1.5 million USD.

Surrey Space Centre: 3 months in 2005


  • I built a 6-legged robot and explored the impact of gait on power consumption.
  • I was encouraged to apply for a PhD position based on my performance.


I take my Hobbies seriously.
I nurture them over years, and often chose those that can improve other aspects of my life.
For example:

  • An interest in custom keyboards led me to improve on existing layouts, which increased the ease with which I code and write, which makes me a better professional.
  • My knowledge of linguistics led me to create a an alternate to the QWERTY keyboard layout that optimized for easy entry of English digrams.
  • Swing dancing has become a part of my fitness routine.

My serious hobbies include:

University: 2002-2007

IIT-Madras (Indian Institute of Technology)

I majored in Aerospace Engineering:

  • B.Tech & M.Tech (Dual Degree)
  • focus on Space Enginerring
  • My Masters Thesis on Orbital Dynamics of Space Tethers received the maximum grade.

I minored in Communication.

I explored the Liberal Arts with courses in Creative Writing, Science Fiction, Drama, Linguistics, Discourse Strategies, etc..

Extra Curriculars

  • I won awards in debates, speaking events, writing and dramatics.
  • I was the Public Relations co-head of the university cutural festival, Saarang.


manogna@gmail.com is the best way to get in touch with me directly.

icedtea.app is a wiki about my fintech idea.

mull.in is my blog about keyboards, travel, writing and other interests.

community engagement

  • on open-source projects as manogna4 on github.
  • on keyboards and linguistics as manogna4 on reddit.
  • with the obsidian communitiy on it’s forum and discord server.
  • with the imdone community on it’s discord server.


I am on LinkedIn as Manogna-Mano.